The University of Southampton

The Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) Group undertakes research covering Electronics and Computer Science that enables advances in engineering of cyber physical systems. Our research involves the exploration and development of theoretical foundations, modelling and programming languages, engineering methods, design tools and system engineering applications.

CPS Research Group at the Group Open Day 2017
Group Open Day 2017

Our research on theoretical foundations includes program semantics, logics, programming and modelling languages and statistical analysis.

Our research on engineering methods include requirements analysis, model-based design, program construction and generation, verification methods and system optimisation. Our tool development work includes tools for formal modelling, model verification, program verification, simulation, optimisation and testing.

We apply our foundations, methods and tools to construction of a range of electronic and software systems including pervasive systems, embedded systems, distributed systems, healthcare systems, mobile devices and information services.

CPS provides a multidisciplinary environment that facilitates research across Electronics and Computer Science leading to novel insights and developments. Members of the group include leading researchers in Computer Science and leading researchers in Electronic Engineering.