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PRiME hosts International Symposium Workshop on Many-Core Computing: Hardware and Software

Published: 17 January 2018
Professor Bashir Al-Hashimi

The PRiME Programme at the University of Southampton is hosting a two-day international symposium this week (17-18 January 2018).

The UK’s Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC) has made significant investment over the last 5 years in the area of “many-core computing”. To celebrate and promote these research activities, PRiME has organised – and will feature in – the International Symposium Workshop on Many-Core Computing: Hardware and Software.

PRiME, is a five year £5.6m EPSRC funded research programme, which brings together Southampton, Imperial, Manchester and Newcastle universities with world-leading expertise in low power, highly-parallel, reconfigurable and dependable computing and verified software design. Working in collaboration with five companies and seven international visiting experts, PRiME is addressing the challenge of power consumption and reliability of future high-performance embedded systems utilising many-core processors.

Its Director, Professor Bashir Al-Hashimi (Dean of the Faculty of Physical Sciences and Engineering at Southampton), says: “Energy efficient computing is at the heart of the digital world and PRiME, a strategically funded EPSRC project, has been researching and developing novel methods of significantly reducing energy consumption of computation. This by-invitation only international symposium brings together the leading researchers from academia and the industry from worldwide to share the latest research developments and debate the key future scientific challenges of high performance and energy efficient computing.”

Around 60 international experts from academia and industry will hear from 30 speakers and panellists. Participants have been invited from the UK and Northern Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, France, US and China as well as from companies including ARM, Microsoft and Intel.

The symposium will be followed by the final PRiME Advisory Board as it enters the last year of the project.

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